Tyrkisk skatnummer

Turkish Tax Identification Number

TERRA Real Estate is a leading agency in Turkey providing its customers with professional pre and after sales services. One of our services is issuing the Turkish Tax Identification Numbers for real estate buyers.

Turkish Tax Number What is a tax ID number?

This is a nine-digit number assigned to real estate buyers, property owners, investors or anyone planning to stay in Turkey for more than 90-days. This is more like a unique taxpayer reference number (UTR number in UK) assigned for everyone living in Turkey.

If you want to buy a property or invest in Turkey, you need to apply for Tax Identification Number. This process is also simple and quick. In the future, the tax reference number will indicate how much taxes you need to pay for your property and will make all your other tax purposes easier. For investors interested in starting a business or limited companies in Turkey, the Tax ID number is needed for assessment of tax return including corporation taxes.

The tax number is also an essential requirement to open a Turkish bank account, water & electricity abonnement, residence permit fee, etc.

How to Obtain Turkish Tax Number?

The procedure related with getting a Tax Number in Turkey is simply and quick. The only thing is to provide a photocopy of your passport and apply to the Tax Office. After the registration of your data you will directly get the Tax Number.

After receiving the tax Number you may easily make other administration steps such as opening a bank account and making investments. 

TERRA real estate agents will gladly assist you in every step required to get your tax ID number in Turkey.

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