Vocational Qualification Certificate in the Real Estate Market

Vocational Qualification Certificate in the Real Estate Market

If you are under consideration of buying a flat, a villa or land in Turkey, and you still didn’t choose a real estate company, we would like to mention an extremely important issue, you should keep in mind. While searching for a company, you should always look after professional and qualified agencies with certificated staff.

Vocational Qualification Certificate is a prestigious document that proves professional abilities and qualifications in a specific field. This certificate is being issued upon testing and certification procedure performed by SC-Project Management Consultancy Tourism and Trade Limited Company accredited by TürkAk (Turkish Accreditation Agency) and authorized by Vocational Qualifications Authority pursuant to the Turkish Law.

In the real estate market there are several agencies, agents and just freelanced people who want to sell houses. Due to safe and healthy purchase, it is extremely important to pay attention to always choose a qualified and professional agency with the formal duty to perform legal sales of the real estate in Turkey. 

TERRA Real Estate is a fully qualified and experienced company since 2004, who hires well educated and professional agents. Our team consists of sales managers who own a Vocational Qualification Certificate, which proves their abilities and allows them to work as Real Estate Consultants

Vocational Qualification Certificate in Real Estate - is a document, which can be issued to this person who passed successfully a fully professional and official exam consisting of three parts. This program offers stages from 1 to 5. If a person is awarded the 1st to 4th stage, it allows him to work as a Real Estate Consultant. In case a person rises to the 5th stage - he or she rises to Supervisor Real Estate Consultant and is allowed to run his or her own real estate agency and manage agents and property sales.

If you are considering a Turkish property purchase or a sale, you should always keep in mind that the level of professionalism and qualifications of your partner is key to a successful and safe transaction. 

We would like to invite you to get in common with our rich portfolio that includes many advantageous offers for unique investment opportunities. We do not only offer homes for sale in Turkey but also offer affordable luxury apartments for sale in Turkey.

When you have decided to buy real estate in Turkey, make sure that you have a reputed estate agency with good references and experience. TERRA Real Estate is an awarded estate agency selected as The Best Real Estate Agency Turkey 2020-2021 by The European Property Awards also a committed business member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and is regulated by the Property Ombudsman.

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