Villas for Sale in Istanbul - Selected Houses in Istanbul

Villas for Sale in Istanbul - Selected Houses in Istanbul

Istanbul villas for sale are generally located in the outskirts of the city even if a limited number of  houses are in the city center. Most of the houses in Istanbul are situated either on Black Sea Coast, near the beaches of Marmara Sea or by the Bosphorus Straits. Istanbul has a great real estate market and we at TERRA Real Estate® offer you a choice of the best villas for sale in Istanbul with private swimming pools, luxury facilities and features and private gardens perfect for families. Buy Istanbul Villas with BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.

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Find your dream house in Istanbul with TERRA Real Estate. As one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey, TERRA Real Estate offers a wide range of villas in Istanbul. We highly advise the villa buyers to get professional help from a well-established real estate company before they decide to buy villa in Turkey. Villas for sale in Istanbul are comparatively cheaper than the other prime locations in the world.

Istanbul is home to over 15 million people, therefore as real estate professionals, we will advise you the best and suitable options for you. This city is experiencing a rapid economic growth which continuously increases the community. Therefore, Istanbul has become one of the largest cities in the world and the biggest one in Europe. This urban area is divided into two parts by Bosphorus straits and is surrounded by Black Sea from the north and Sea of Marmara from the south. Bosphorus strait is till nowadays the only connection between two seas. However, Istanbul Municipality is also working on the vast project of Canal Istanbul. It will be the second valuable connection between two seas, perfect transfer solution not only for residents of Istanbul. Cityscape as well as cultural and historical heritage attract millions of tourists every year and put Istanbul on the top of tourists’ world destinations. Even though Ankara is a capital of Turkey since 1923, Istanbul is very important commercial, cultural and business area connecting West with East. As this large city is located on 5.343 km2  (2,063 sq mi) the urban infrastructure is also developing quickly and provides the residents with very well constructed transport connections. Tramways, buses, metro, light railways, cable railways and ferry boats are used commonly. This energetic city offers endless list of places to visit: Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace and Dolmabahçe Palace as well as city gardens like Emirgan Park, Gülhane Park or Sanatcilar Park. This unique place is also home to many education centres, schools and universities such as Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University and Marmara University.Istanbul

Istanbul as a metropolitan city offering a huge development potential, has become an irresistible option for real estate buyers seeking a perfect investment or a family home.

Where to Buy Villas in Istanbul?

Among luxury properties for sale in Istanbul, the metropolitan real estate market is dominated by apartments for sale. Nevertheless, in some districts number of villas for sale is also increasing promptly. This offer gets a huge interest among the most demanding potential real estate buyers: private garden or tranquil surrounds are certainly irresistible options for them. On the one hand, these luxury homes may become a holiday destination, where the whole family will enjoy summers attractions like sea, beach and beautiful green parks. On the second hand, city attractions will guarantee also a great variety of leisure and give a chance to enjoy the best night clubs, cafeterias, visit historical places, museums and cultural centres.Sarıyer Istanbul

Villas in Istanbul Turkey for sale are not common place in the inner-city suburbs. They can be found, newly built villas on large village like complexes, or renovated older Ottoman style villas full of character and warmth. Worth to underline that if you are looking for sea view villa in Istanbul Turkey you need to expect to pay a premium price for such locations are as city center, seafront or the shores of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul being located between Sea of Marmara and Black Sea offers an important green scenery area close to the coast and city centre. Prestigious areas for buying a villa in Istanbul are:

  • Sarıyer

Sarıyer with well-developed urban infrastructure and natural gas supply is one of the most attractive districts for villa buyers. Sarıyer with its population of about 260.000 residents, is located on northern east of European side of Istanbul, by the Black Sea coast. The region used to be famous for its fishing community, nowadays the numerous fish restaurants has become symbol of Sarıyer. Villas in Sarıyer Istanbul are probably the most valuable houses in Istanbul. 

  • Zekeriyaköy

Although the urban infrastructure is continuously developing, Zekeriyaköy is a beautiful peaceful green region within the borders of Sarıyer District. Located in proximity to Belgrad Forest and all city amenities, has become one of the most advantageous areas and highly recommended for villa buyers.

  • Tarabya

Tarabya is a great area for investment, located 35 km from Atatürk Airport. This region is home to French faculty of Marmara University and is well-known for its numerous schools, hospitals, restaurants and cafes.

  • Emirgan

Emirgan is located close to all city amenities, 34 km from Atatürk Airport and 10 km to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. This area is worldwide famous for its Tulip festival that takes place every year. Proximity to schools, university, hospitals and transportation points, makes Emirgan popular among villas buyers in Istanbul.

  • Silivri

Silivri located on the south-west of European coast, became second the biggest district of Istanbul. Peaceful and green areas as well as proximity to commercial and business centres make Silivri great option for real estate buyers.

  • Çatalca

Çatalca is the biggest district of Istanbul. Increasing population, good transport connection and developing infrastructure make this area highly attractive. Ideal region for family picnic and other recreations, green areas and various natural places draw attention of Istanbul residents.

  • Büyükçekmece

Büyükçekmece located on south-west of European side of Istanbul, between Arnavutköy and the Sea of Marmara coast, close to Atatürk Airport. As a former rural area, nowadays Büyükçekmece is a popular destination for daily family trips. The area around the Büyükçekmece lake is hot for villa or land buyers as some of the most prestigious villa resorts with luxury features are located in Büyükçekmece. If you are looking for a villa in Istanbul with private pool Büyükçemece can be a good choice. 

  • Beylikdüzü

Located on the south-west of European part of Istanbul, by the Sea of Marmara coast. Beylikdüzü has rapidly growing transportation infrastructure, is home to commercial investments and developments. The properties’ value is quickly increasing which makes the villas in Beylikdüzü highly attractive to real estate market.

  • Arnavutköy

Arnavutköy is on the north-west of European side of Istanbul, by the Black Sea cost. An area with a great real estate potential because of its proximity to 3rd Istanbul Airport, E-5 highway and Canal Istanbul Project. This district being under dynamic development raises the potential of real estates in Istanbul.

  • Başakşehir

Başakşehir is on the south-west of Eyüp, located about 12 km to Atatürk Airport and 27 km to 3rd Istanbul Airport. This great urban infrastructure as well as beautiful landscape offer the great options for villa buyers in Istanbul.

  • Eyüp

Eyüpsultan located on the north-west of European Side of Istanbul. Its south regions are close to city centre and north ones reach the coast of Black Sea. This area has quickly developing infrastructure and railway connections, is home to new residential projects and become highly attractive for investors.

  • Üsküdar

Üsküdar located on the Asian side, in south-east of Bosphorus. Üsküdar being close to all amenities, situated in the middle of cultural and historical centres is one of the most populated districts. The areas near to Bosphorus offer a magnificent view of European shore and provide easy access to ferry boat and other transportation.

  • Beykoz

Beykoz connected to Black Sea on the north and Bosphorus on the west is one of the most peaceful and green districts. The developing real estate market increases the potential of houses in Beykoz. The area with its luxury residences is favourable among the famous people and politicians.

  • Çekmeköy

Çekmeköy is located in south east of Beykoz, the developing transport infrastructure make this area a great place for investments. Located about 32 km to Sabiha Gökçen, Çekmeköy is home to modern design and luxury homes. As this area is continuously increasing urban facilities, land and houses prices are quickly gaining the value and become great for an investment.

  • Şile

Şile is located near to the sea shore and provides access to many beautiful natural places and parks. A perfect location for villa buyers, with developing and ongoing transportation projects real estate prices are increasing rapidly.

  • Kartal

Kartal is located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. Although situated far from city cultural and historical center, Kartal is highly populated. The Municipality of Kartal is planning the big urban Kartal-Pendik project which would make this area a new centre of Asian Coast. Thanks to ongoing development this area draws an attention of villa buyers in Istanbul

  • Pendik

Pendik is located between Kartal and Tuzla districts with an access to Sea of Marmara on the south part. The area is very populated in areas close to E-5 Highway. Pendik located in proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport and has become home to luxury apartments with sea view. This area is very prestigious for villa buyers in Istanbul and investors.

View towards Bosphorus Straits

Away from hustle and bustle of the city’s central areas. These luxury properties for sale in Istanbul give an opportunity to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, well-being, family life, endless peace and stay close to the nature. Though still high, prices for luxury villa in Istanbul Turkey in these areas, are more affordable than shoreline properties options.

Head to the west of the city to the Büyükçekmece area and prices for villa in Istanbul, Turkey become more affordable depending on the position and views available. Among these various options, the scenario of seafront or Bosphorus view villas are considered as the most expensive.

The influence of Asia and Southern Europe is reflected in the housing styles. With a choice of many areas in the city, buyers can find a suitable space, as long as it is in line with the general architecture of the region. Spaces that take advantage of the climate and the concept of villas, as opposed to styles from Northern European countries are typical.

Why to Buy Villa in Istanbul?

Turkey is home to people of different culture and religions and offers countless list of places to explore. If you decide to own a villa in Istanbul you will place yourself between Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Incredible monuments, arts, exhibitions will become an integral part of your daily life. Additionally, certainly Turkish worldwide known hospitality makes the foreigner so settled and comfortable in this mixture of culture. Turkey is also a well-known destination for those seeking fresh and quality goods. Incredible richness of homemade local products makes Turkish cuisine highly appreciated by everyone. Almost every property for sale in this metropolitan city, is in proximity to markets and grocery stores. These crucial factors make Istanbul so magnetic for real estate investors and encourage foreigners to buy villa in Turkey Istanbul.

Villas in Istanbul Turkey as they attract affluent families and the high paid city workforce, may be considered as a great investment opportunity.

Kızkulesi Istanbul

Foreign nationals show a high interest in villas for sale, in particular in terms of holiday destination. Moreover, villa’s owners can expect high annual rental incomes as well as an augmentation in the value of the property itself. Many ongoing projects in terms of infrastructure and city landscape are continuously stimulating the attractiveness of lands. Among the various projects in Istanbul, the 3rd airport in Istanbul, called Istanbul Airport (constructed to operate 90 million passengers per year), 3-storey Big Tunnel Project (will operate about 6,5 million passengers per day), 45-kilometers long Canal Istanbul and Northern Marmara Highway are one of the most remarkable ones. There are also a lot of completed projects in Istanbul like located on European side, Bahçeşehir National Park that attracts not only families with children but also tourists from the whole world.

These and other developments considerably improving the quality of metropolitan life, have a huge impact on Turkish real estate market. Istanbul has one of the most advanced transportation systems in the world, wherever you go, a quick access to highways, metrobuses, metro, tramway stations is granted. Therefore, the transportation points are only within few minutes’ walk, even if some holiday villas are located in natural and quiet suburban area.

When you are searching for Istanbul house for sale, there is much to promote the city as a relocation or investment site. The Turkish economy is strong and vibrant. The infrastructure is satisfactory with growth planned for the future. The cost of living at present is similar to that of Spain in the 1980s.

With Istanbul being a leader for real estate buyers, thousands of foreign nationals from the whole world are buying luxury property in Turkey every year. Furthermore, the selection of properties is truly extensive which makes Turkish real estate market even more considerable. The latest technologies were implemented to build the brand-new luxury property for sale in Istanbul.

The climate of this part of the world is best described as Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. The residents living in Istanbul may enjoy the sunshine in the summertime and snow in the wintertime. This varied and moderate conditions make the property in Istanbul attractive to foreign home buyers such as Russians and northern European countries. Because of its location, Istanbul area can be also quite humid. Most mornings are foggy, especially in neighbourhoods that are closer to the water or coastline.Villa Resort in Istanbul

Despite Russian and European buyers, Middle Eastern buyers look for Istanbul villas as their second home in Turkey. As Istanbul has always been home for many cultures, in past years, villas for sale in Istanbul gained also a lot of popularity among the neighbouring nations.

Whatever the reason you are looking to buy villa in Istanbul Turkey, our dedicated team of estate agents in Turkey will provide you with impartial advice. They will guide you right from the initial search process with continuing to assist you all the way through the property buying process in Turkey. We will also provide an assistance regarding all administration procedures such as getting a stay permit, Tax number and finally, the handover of the title deeds.

If you think about buying a villa in Turkey, Istanbul is certainly one of the best investment options for you.

How to Buy a Property in Istanbul?

Idea of investing or buying a property abroad may appear as a difficult and demanding process. However, it is actually a very easy procedure to buy property in Turkey. The key to manage this, is once you made your decision about buying a property in Turkey you need to find a professional and reliable local real estate company.

TERRA Real Estate will be happy to assist you. We help you to find the best property deals and do the all necessary legal paper works as well as follow up the procedures free of charge.

Our new website offers easy search options for real estate in Turkey for you. TERRA Real Estate have already made hundreds of customers a home-owner since 2004.

TERRA Real Estate

TERRA Real Estate specialize in the representation of Out-of-Region Buyers and Foreign Nationals in the buying and selling property in Turkey. If you're looking into the possibility of owning a property in Turkey, choose to work with a professional, ethical and trusted company.

If you buy property in Istanbul, you will be astonished by the Mediterranean quality lifestyle. Every location for buying a real estate in Istanbul impress you. There are several nice areas to choose for real estate in Istanbul for sale. All you should do is to make a decision about where in Istanbul to buy real estate that fulfils your needs, your budget, your family and your lifestyle.

When you have decided to buy property in Istanbul Turkey, remember that finding a reputed estate agency with good references and experience is crucial. TERRA Real Estate is committed business member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and is regulated by the Property Ombudsman.

As one of the leaders in the Turkish Real Estate Market, we are confident that our wide real estate portfolio continuously offers unique opportunities. We do not only offer homes for sale in Istanbul but also offer affordable luxury houses in Istanbul.

Please contact us for further information whenever you need a buy real estate in Istanbul or regarding any matter related to the real estate market in Turkey.

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