Exclusive sea view villas & apartments for sale in Alanya City

  • Turquie
  • Alanya / Bektaş
  • 5590
  • 2015
  • 3 km
  • 1 km
  • 36/136 km
  • 4 km
  • € 1,000,000
  • Prêt à s'installer
  • Villa
  • 5
  • 89 m2 - 552 m2
Marvelous Panoramic View
Contemporary Architectural Design
Great Location

Exclusive, elegant, luxurious & sustainable villa & apartment park

Consisting of only 7 villas with private pools and 4 apartments on a 5.590 m2 landplot Natura Villas & Apartments is a true boutique development with a particular focus on luxury concept, renewable energy sources, low Carbon-footprint andsustainability - as all rooftops are equipped with photovoltaic solar panels providing all units with their own free power. When the villas are not in use generated power is sold to the public grid at very favourable and long-term guaranteed prices creating an income for the owner.

Natura Villas & Apartments are located close to the city center on top of Bektash hill at a height of 260 m with the most spectacular panoramic view to the Mediterranean and Alanya Castle.

This magnificient project is designed with maximum care to meet a broad range of needs and preferences setting forth the owners in focus at all times.

Beside a rich variety of common facilities the development is also featured with extraordinary elements like “smart house system” (i.e. central vacuum unit with inlets in all rooms) and efficient and economic heating and cooling systems to make your life easier and more comfortable at low cost.

True luxury, aesthetics, comfort and sustainability along with all thinkable functions, construction quality (in terms of materials, equipment, installations, proper insulation and workmanship) make Natura Villas & Apartments the utmost exceptional and unique development in the region.

Information sur les prix
  • Chambre
  • Salon
  • Salle de bains
  • Superficie
    492 m2
  • Prix
    € 1,000,000
  • Détails et information sur les prix
*Prix mis à jour le 2019/08/30
  • Télévision satellite
  • Sécurité en complexe
  • Parking
  • Concierge/Jardinier
  • CCTV Surveillance par caméra
  • Centre de fitness
  • Aire de jeux
  • Générateur d’énergie au cas de coupure de courant
  • Piscine privée
  • Sauna
  • Bain de vapeur
  • Enceinte autour du complexe
  • Spots intégrés
  • Salle de bain meublée
  • Plancher de céramique
  • Volets roulants électriques
  • Chauffage au sol dans la salle de bain
  • Cuisine équipée
  • Comptoir de cuisine en granite
  • Salle de bain entièrement carrelée
  • Fenêtres en PVC (double vitrage)
  • Paroi de douche en verre de sécurité
  • Portes balcon coulissantes
  • Porte de securité en acier
  • Situé dans le centre de ville