European Property Awards

TERRA Real Estate's Achievements in the European Property Awards

Commitment to Excellence -  Best Real Estate Agency TurkeyWelcome to TERRA Real Estate ®, where we set the standard for excellence in the Turkish property market. Our journey has always been about understanding your needs and exceeding expectations. Our efforts and dedication to quality have been honored by the European Property Awards, a prestigious recognition in the real estate world.

Understanding the European Property Awards:

The European Property Awards are highly respected in the property industry. They celebrate the best in real estate, development, architecture, interior design, and marketing, recognizing top professionals globally. Winning these awards means a company has achieved outstanding success and excellence in their field.

The Importance of the Awards:

These awards are judged by over 80 experts who look at everything from design to sustainability. Their rigorous evaluation means that winning is a true sign of excellence. Being chaired by members of the UK Parliament adds an extra layer of fairness and credibility to the process.

Our Proud Achievements:

TERRA Real Estate ® has been recognized multiple times at these awards, showing our commitment to excellence:

  • Best Real Estate Agency Turkey, 5 STARS 2022-2023Best Real Estate Agency Turkey, AWARD WINNER 2019-2020: Our first major international recognition, showcasing our commitment to top-quality service.
  • Best Real Estate Agency Turkey, 5 STARS 2020-2021: This 5 STAR rating is a proud testament to our exceptional service and innovative approach.
  • Best Real Estate Agency Turkey, AWARD WINNER 2021-2022: Winning again reflects our consistent high performance and excellence.
  • Best Real Estate Agency Turkey, 5 STARS 2022-2023: Continued recognition with the 5 STAR rating shows our dedication to the real estate field.
  • Nominee for Best Real Estate Agency Europe 2022-2023: This nomination highlights our growing impact and excellence in the wider European real estate market.

Why This Matters:

These awards are not just trophies on our shelves. They represent the trust you place in us and our commitment to you. They inspire us to keep setting high standards and improving our services. At TERRA Real Estate ®, we are dedicated to making your property dreams come true.

For personalized service and expert guidance in finding your ideal property in Turkey, please get in touch with us. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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