Furniture Tours

Have a Furniture Tour with Us 

Your are just one step away from settling in your new home, but still we have many services to offer our clients to reach the maximum level of comfort in their house. Are you ready for you final step before moving in?

In TERRA real estate we don't just help you to find your dream home, we also have after sales services that makes all your house dreams easily achievable. One of the after sales services that we offer is the furniture tour in Turkey for our clients ready to move to their new homes.

After buying a property in Turkey, clients start wondering about how to start preparing their Turkish property for living. Furniture services in Turkey can be tricky and you might end up losing extra effort when you don’t have the professional guide.

In TERRA Real Estate we help you to furnish your property the way you have always dreamed of according to your taste and budget. Working for many years in this sector, we know where to find the best quality and prices for furniture. Our customer relationship is also excellent in this matter with our team’s background in design that will make sure furnishing your new home is up to style. So, don't worry too much about this stage and enjoy Turkish property furnishing with us.

Furniture Tour with TERRA Real Estate

What do we offer?

Part of the after sales process is assisting you with property furnishing. This is one of the unique features about buying a property with TERRA Real Estate. After finalizing the sales process, our team will help you by connecting you to trustable furniture suppliers offering the best prices in the city saving you time, effort and money. All types of home furniture from coffee table to interior design, TERRA will be right next to you.

How is this service done?

After discussing with you the type of furniture and quality you need, we preview furniture options for you via catalogues, brochures and websites to determine which furniture suppliers match your budget. With our professional customer service, we keep you updated about new offers and trends when it comes to furnishing your new house.

The furniture tour includes searching for white goods, electrical and kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, dining tables and living room furniture, garden furniture and decorations. We also assist you in finding the suitable interior and exterior light fixtures for the gardens.

Getting your holiday home or apartment ready to move in with TERRA Real Estate will save you time and effort. Therefore we would like to assist you to make this process as smooth as possible for you. 

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