Buying Real Estate in Turkey

A Step by Step Guide to Buying Property in Turkey

Purchasing a property in Turkey for foreigners is a very easy process with TERRA Real Estate thanks to its extensive experience as well as knowledge in the Turkish real estate market.

It is naturally not very easy for you to know where to buy and which properties represent a good value etc. Investment can be time-consuming and confusing, especially when you are buying a property abroad. However, don’t worry! TERRA Real Estate is here to guide and help you throughout the whole process.

Our step-by-step guide about buying property in Turkey will guide you through the entire property buying process in Turkey, from searching for the ideal property to ensuring the paperwork is in order to close the deal. Here we explain step by step all you need to know about before / while / after buying a property in Turkey.

Main Steps to Buying a Real Estate in TurkeyTapu - Turkish Title Deed

1. Determine Your Wishes

Decide where you want to live and what your purpose is. After choosing the location where you want to live, list the main features of the property you want to buy. We need a clear understanding of your wish list to make the perfect match for your demands.

After preparing a list for you, when you are impressed by our properties and would like to take a closer look at them, we will assign one of our real estate agents, arrange a viewing tour for you, and will answer your questions about the location, amenities, facilities, and features of the development. Start your research by browsing our Real Estate in Turkey page.

2. Property Viewing Tour

TERRA Real Estate assigns a sales agent when the clients send an inquiry via our advertisements, website, property portals, sales partners, etc. All of our real estate agents are highly skilled multi-lingual professionals with good experience in the real estate market. The same sales agent will be your contact person through the whole buying process.

Our estate agents pick the clients up from their hotel or accommodation, show them the properties that they want to see. Our estate agents always accompany the clients if they wish with our comfortable cars. We will never be pushy on you and we will listen to your wishes, requirements and try to find the perfect property. Get detailed information about Viewing Trips to Turkey.

3. Signing the Sales Contract

When you reach an agreement to buy a property, the developer of the project or property owners is also invited to our office, and a sales contract is prepared according to the property details and your wishes can be added upon the approval of the property developer / construction company.

Our sales contracts are prepared by our lawyers, in Turkish and English (the desired language can be added) and we will explain all parts and details before we all together sign them.

The contract will be signed by the buyer, the construction company, and us (TERRA Real Estate). The contract will be in Turkish, in English, and of course if they want in the buyer’s native language.

4. Down payment

After signing the contract, the buyer will pay a down payment (deposit) of 10-15%* of the agreed purchase price to reserve the property. *The amount may vary depending on the seller or the state of the construction.

* Note: If you refuse to purchase after signing the contract, it's possible that you won't be able to get the deposit back.

5. Legal Process & Procedures

There are some formal procedures to complete the purchasing process, such as obtaining a tax number, opening a bank account, and power of attorney to carry out the legal procedures if necessary.

Obtaining a Turkish Tax Number: To buy a property in Turkey, you need to have a Turkish Tax Number. Our sales agents will be happy to help you get a Turkish Tax Number from the Tax Administration Office.

Opening a Bank Account: You need to open a bank account in Turkey to make money transfers, pay taxes and utilities, etc. Your assigned real estate agent will help you to open a bank account in Turkey.

If you cannot come personally for all these procedures, you can also give a power of attorney to us, your lawyer, or legal representative to act on your behalf

6. Appoint Someone by Power of Attorney to Finalize the Purchase for You

Power of Attorney means "You may act on behalf of me for these powers" Your name and picture will be on the Power of Attorney. If the buyer wishes, she or he can give power of attorney in the Notary Public to us in order to obtain an ISKAN report and make water/electric subscriptions and follow other legal procedures. The buyer and a sworn translator should be in the Public Notary Office and this process usually takes less than 1 hour. By giving power of attorney, you avoid traveling several times to Turkey just for paperworks’ sake.

* Note: We highly recommend you to give only the necessary powers such as buying the property, making subscriptions of water/electricity/gas, etc.

7. Payments & Money Transfer

The buyer can make a payment plan after signing the sales contract with the developer and can transfer money to the developer’s bank account. The remaining payment of the property is paid as part of the take-over process. If the buyer wants, we can ask the developer to offer a decent payment plan.

Since January 24, 2022, all foreign real estate buyers must exchange their foreign currency for the Turkish Lira. Obtaining a Foreign Exchange Document (Döviz Alım Belgesi) is required for all real estate transactions made by foreign buyers, regardless of whether this is a buying or selling procedure. Would you like to learn more details? Go to our New Currency Exchange Regulations for Foreign Property Purchases news.

8. Getting the Title Deed

The last step in completing your real estate purchase in Turkey is getting your title deed. Tapu is an official document that shows your ownership over the property and is issued by The Land Registry Office. It is the most important document since it is the proof of ownership of the property.

For the title deed transfer, the remaining amount for the property, all taxes, and legal fees should have been paid. After all the procedures are completed and you sign the title deed in The Land Registry Office, you own the property.

9. Moving into Your New Property in Turkey

If you bought a brand new property, you are ready to move in. If you have purchased a previously used, second-hand or so-called resale property and there are changes you would like to have made inside the property, we will ask the developer to make them after signing the contract. We will add those issues to the sales contract. 

You are always welcome to visit us and have a  cup of coffee in our office after you have moved into your dream home.

Frequently Asked Questions on Purchasing Property in Turkey

Is it Safe to Buy Under Construction Property in Turkey?

If you buy a Turkish property that is under construction, our company will always update and inform you about the development process, send you updates; photos, and videos about the project status. The construction companies that we work for years are committed to their job and deliver the key on time. If you have a special request regarding interior design, the developer company will be glad to help you.

Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage for a Property in Turkey? 

Foreign nationals and Turks living abroad can easily access a wide range of Non-Resident Mortgage products both for residential or investment purposes.

TERRA Real Estate in cooperation with some of Turkey’s high-street banks will be glad to help you to search and get a Turkish mortgage. Probably you ask yourself: can I get a mortgage for a property in Turkey. Indeed, foreign nationals can get a mortgage from the Turkish Banks up to 60% - 70% of the property’s appraised value and are arranged in Turkish Lira.

We recommend searching for mortgages before coming to Turkey so that you know exactly how much you need to spend on your dream villa or house. We also help our clients to make an installment payment plan without any interest rates directly with the construction companies if desired. Learn more about mortgage and finance in Turkey.

Can I Rent Out My Property If I Still Have a Mortgage?

Most properties In Turkey,are freehold, meaning you can rent them out to anyone for as long as you like.

*However, starting in 2024, there are new rules for short-term or holiday rentals. Owners now need a special permit for these types of rentals and must pay a 2% tax on all rental income. But, if you rent your property for more than 100 days continuously, these new rules do not apply​.

Can I Buy a Property and Sell it Immediately?

TERRA Real Estate can re-sale the property that you bought. Since we have access to a huge market and good local partners in the region, we can easily sell your real estate in a short time.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Property in Turkey?

Property purchase costs are lower in Turkey compared to other countries. Visit our Expenses of Buying Real Estate in Turkey page to get detailed information about appraisal report fees, title deed transfer fees, property tax, real estate agent fees, lawyers fees, notary and translation fees, etc.

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TERRA Real Estate is the market leader in real estate sales, especially in Alanya and major cities of Turkey such as Antalya, Istanbul, Side, Belek, Kemer, Bodrum, Fethiye, Gazipaşa, and more.

If you are considering buying an apartment in Turkey, all you need is to check our website and search for your dream property. We do our best to help you find affordable houses for sale in Turkey that match your requirements.

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