Services Provided by TERRA Real Estate

Before and After Sales Services Overview Provided by TERRA Real Estate

Purchasing your dream property via TERRA Real Estate gives you the privilege to benefit from our exclusive “before and after sales” services. Our aim is to establish lifetime relationships with our clients. Our after sales services will be an ongoing process as long as you own your property. Our pre and after sales services include property valuation, opening a bank account, issuing Turkish tax number, title deed transfer, electricity, water and gas subscriptions, lawyer and solicitor services, property insurance, airport transfer, furnishing your property and selling your property. 

Please have a look at the list of our services and read more about them here:

Property Appraisal Report

It has been compulsory to have an appraisal (valuation) report on each foreign property sales (soon every sale in Turkey) since 15.02.2019. TERRA Real Estate assists you in issuing the appraisal report which will determine the actual price of the property you intend to buy. Thus, this report is extremely significant for all new real estate buyers in Turkey. Read here more details about property appraisal report.

Turkish Tax Number

One of the first steps to buying a property in Turkey is to get the Tax Identification Number (Vergi Numarası). TERRA Real Estate will make this step an easy and quick process and will issue you a tax number in no time. If you want to know more about the Turkish tax number, in the following page you can get detailed information of the process and importance of having a Turkish tax identification number.

Property Insurance in Turkey

There are different requirements that all real estate buyers need to keep in mind when purchasing a Turkish property, one of them is having an insurance for your property. To get more information about what type of insurance you need for your property in Turkey and how the insurance system works, the following page will give you a more clarified explanation of property insurance in Turkey and how TERRA Real Estate can assist you in this process.

Opening a Bank Account in Turkey

Real Estate buyers in Turkey need to have a bank account inside Turkey. The bank account will help you in transferring money and paying your future bills from abroad. Opening a bank account in Turkey is an easy step with TERRA Real Estate assisting you in every step. In the following page you can read more about opening a bank account in Turkey, including required docments and process details.

Water, Gas and Electricity Services

After buying your property, TERRA Real Estate will assist you in after sales services such as subscribing to water, gas and electricity services. This can be a confusing procedure for foreigners; however, it is actually a very simple procedure that will only take few days. In the following page you can learn more about documents needed, average service prices and procedures to connect your property to utility services in Turkey

Obtaining Title Deed in Turkey

After choosing the property you want to buy and sign the contract, obtaining the Title Deed is the next step to finalize your property purchasing process. TERRA Real Estate will guide you all the way in this process and will assist you with documents preparation to get your title deed. You can read here more about all procedures and required documents for getting your property title deed in Turkey.

Legal Support

Getting a legal support makes the process of purchasing a property in Turkey much smoother. If you want an English speaking lawyer or you want recommendations regarding lawyer services, TERRA Real Estate Agency will gladly assist you in this process. You can also read in the following page more about the average fees and what type of property legal services you can benefit from hiring a lawyer.

Furniture Tour 

With TERRA Real Estate we work hard to ensure that the entire process from choosing your property to furnishing is stress-free and smooth for all clients. Due to our many years of experience in this sector, we offer clients one of the best furnishing tours with trustable suppliers. You can read here more about details regarding having a property furniture tour with us.

Selling Your Property in Turkey

If you are thinking about selling your house or apartment in Turkey, you should take forward this step with a trustable real estate agency. In TERRA Real Estate we sell properties in many cities including Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Fethiye, Bodrum, Istanbul and Side. In the following page you can readmore about the different procedures to follow in order to sell your property in Turkey.