How to Open a Bank Account in Turkey?

How to Open a Bank Account in Turkey?Opening a bank account in another country can be confusing. But in Turkey, it's easy and quick, taking just one day if you have your documents ready. TERRA Real Estate will help you at every step, making sure everything goes fast and smoothly.

Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Turkey for Foreign Nationals

After finding your home or apartment in Turkey, the next step for real estate buyers is to manage their finances. Opening a bank account in Turkey is straightforward and fast. Many foreigners, non-residents, and investors use Turkish bank accounts for mortgages and money transfers. Turkish banks provide digital and mobile banking services, making it easy to pay for utilities, phone bills, and more. In Turkey, you can choose from public, private, or international bank branches. As Turkey's international relationships grow, banks now have English-speaking staff to ensure a smoother process.

Opening a bank account in Turkey has become a straightforward daily process. To open an account, you only need a few documents, such as a residential permit or a Turkish tax number, to access all financial services in Turkish banks.

As an account holder, you can also set up automatic payments for all your bills through online banking in Turkey, which is a convenient solution for those not residing in Turkey permanently.

Documents needed to open a bank account in Turkey:

  • Passport (proof of identity)
  • Tax Identification Number in Turkey (Vergi Numarası)
  • Proof of address (household utility bill or tenancy agreement in your home country)

If you have a residence permit in Turkey, that will also speed up the process of opening an account. The account opening process takes actually only one day, under the condition that all documents are provided to the bank. Some of the largest banks can also provide you with a bank card on the same day and open internet banking straight away. 

What Do We Offer?

All your before and after-sales services are guided by TERRA Real Estate, ensuring professionality and completion of all paperwork on time. We also provide you with guidance based on our well-acknowledgment of the real estate market in Turkey.

There is a list of reputable banks where you can open an account. With years of experience, TERRA Real Estate will assist you through this process. If you are abroad and need to open an account in Turkey, it is necessary to provide us with a Power of Attorney specifying the type of account you want to open. 

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