Turkish Bank Accounts

Opening of a Bank Account in Turkey

Opening a Bank Account in TurkeyOpening a bank account in a foreign country is always a confusing process for many real estate buyers and newcomers. However, in Turkey this process is easy and takes a day or more depending on the documents you have ready. Most importantly, TERRA Real Estate agency will be with you during this step ensuring it goes as smooth as possible.

After real estate buyers find their perfect home or apartment in Turkey, the following step is managing their financial procedures. The process of opening a bank account in Turkey is a simple and quick. Many foreigners, non-residents and investors are using Turkish bank accounts for mortgages and money transfers. All banks in Turkey are offering services through digital applications and mobile banking services which facilities the payments such as utility bills, mobile phone invoices and many more. In Turkey you can simply pick between public, private banks or even international banks branches in Turkey. As the international relations between Turkey and countries from all around the world grows, banks now offer English speaking staff to make this all a much smooth procedure

Opening a Turkey bank account, therefore, has became a very simple day-by day- process. You would need few documents to open a bank account, residential permit or Turkish tax number to get all your financial services running in Turkey banks. 

As an account owner, you may even apply for the automatic payment of all your bills via Turkey online banking which is an optimal solution for the residents not living permanently in Turkey.

Documents needed to open a bank account in Turkey:

  • Passport (proof of identity)
  • Tax Identification Number in Turkey (Vergi Numarası)
  • Proof of address (household utility bill or tenancy agreement in your home country)

If you have a residence permit in Turkey, that will also speed up the process of opening an account. The account opening process takes actually only one day, under the condition that all documents are provided to the bank. Some of the largest banks can also provide you with the bank card on the same day and open the internet banking straight away. 

What we offer?

All your before and after sales services are guided by TERRA real estate ensuring professionality and completion of all paperwork on time. We also provide you with guidance based on our well-acknowledgment of the real estate market in Turkey.

There is a list of acceptable and trustable banks that you can open an account in. TERRA Real Estate has long years of experience and will assist you in this process. IIf you are abroad and need to open an account in Turkey, it is necessary to provide us with Power of Attorney with specifying the type of account you want to open.