Real Estate for Sale in Side Turkey

Real Estate for Sale in Side Turkey

Real Estate in Side Turkey for Sale by TERRA Real Estate offering Property in Side; Apartments, Houses and Villas in Side including the areas Kumkoy, Ilica, Colakli, Evrenseki, Manavgat and surroundings. Are you looking for a location of sandy beaches, Mediterranean climate and things to do then a property in Side, Turkey is the ideal choice for you. This ancient town, with an open-air ancient Roman museum, has a different range of Turkey real estate for sale.

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Real Estate in Side Turkey for Sale by TERRA Real Estate offering Property in Side; Apartments for Sale in Side, Houses and Villas in Side including the areas Kumkoy, Ilıca, Çolaklı, Evrenseki, Manavgat and surroundings. Are you looking for a location of sandy beaches, Mediterranean climate and things to do then a property in Side Turkey is the ideal choice for you. This ancient town, with an open-air ancient Roman museum, has a different range of Turkey real estate for sale.Side Town seen from the west

Side is a resort town and one of the well-known holiday destinations on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. An ancient harbor city, it's known for long sandy beaches among the pine forest, luxury hotels and Greco-Roman ruins. In the center are the remains of the 2nd-century Ancient Roman Theater, which seated up to 15,000. The white marble columns of the Temple of Apollo stand near the harbor of the Side peninsula. Other sites are sprinkled throughout, with finds housed at the Archeological Museum of Side, a restored Roman bath complex.

The Side village, which sits on a gently sloping promontory, has modest hotels, plenty of restaurants, places to eat and drink, and open-air nightclubs. Outside town, family-friendly west beach has shallow, calm water, and big resorts and luxury beach hotels with pools and waterslides. East beach, where there are ruins amid the dunes, offers a quieter atmosphere. Nearby Aspendos, an ancient city famous for its well-preserved Roman theater and stone bridge, and Manavgat waterfall are popular Side trips.

Why Buy Real Estate in Side

When you are looking for a property in turkey for sale, there are definitely some reasons for choosing a certain location. One of the best reasons for choosing Side is probably beautiful sandy beaches perfect for children families. As most property for sale Side alanya turkey are not far from the beaches, Side has become a preferred location for real estate buyers.

This amazing area had become even more attractive after the restoration works in ancient Side that were carried out in 2017 and 2018. In some places, the city regained the ancient architecture and in others some modern design solutions were applied. This pedestrian zone is visited by thousands of tourists every year, the summer unique ambiance is attracting families with children, couples in every age and young people. If you buy real estate in Side Turkey, actually you will never feel as a foreigner there. The huge range of dining places like barbeque, fish and seafood restaurants, Italian food and other exclusive restaurants will make you feel like at home. Moreover, Side pubs and bars with concerts and live music bands create an amazing ambiance during hot summer nights.

Side Town seen from seaside/south west

Properties to buy in Side Turkey have a great access to facilities in the town. If you like sport activities like walking, Nordic walking, cycling and horse riding, this area is the best option for you. Moreover, some real estate for sale in Side Turkey are located close to Titreyengöl lake, a beautiful region for fishing and family picnic.

Real estate prices in Side has become very attractive for foreigners. As dynamic development and economical boost are increasing the population of this district, the properties in Side Turkey for sale are built accordingly to the best innovations and construction techniques. Yet, as one of the best property agents in Side, we offer high standard options for affordable prices.

Imagine your private property in Side Turkey being only few steps to the beach.

Where to Buy Real Estate in Side

Side is situated in beautiful green scenery of Sorgun Forest, close to Mediterranean Coast and Oymapınar National Park. This amazing district is only 1 hour away from Antalya city and few minutes distance to Manavgat City. We have listed an overview of the property locations in Side:

  • Side Town Center 

Properties in Side centrum are probably the most popular options as they are the most exclusive ones and in proximity to coast infrastructure. All social facilities are nearby, and public transport is easily accessible.

  • Kumköy

Kumköy is located 10 km away from Side, on the west part of region. Easily accessible from other towns, has all city facilities like schools, banks and hospitals in proximity.

  • Ilıca

Ilıca is located only few kilometers from Kumköy, on the North part of the region. Reachable by D-400 Highway, has a beautiful town infrastructure with necessary facilities nearby.

  • Çolaklı

Çolaklı is only 15 km away from Side and is well known for its beautiful coast and proximity to local amenities. In this area sport activities like cycling or horse riding are one of the most attractive ones.

  • Evrenseki

Evrenseki is one of the most developing towns in the region. Proximity to wonderful beach and all city facilities like schools, medical points and banks makes this area very attractive for real estate buyers.

  • Manavgat

Manavgat has one of the best infrastructures in the region. Continuously under development, this district has a beautiful area along the Manavgat River and bike road connection with Side.

What Type of Real Estate to Buy in Side

Most of the real estate for sale in Side Turkey are situated very close to the seaside. Side coast offers amazing beach facilities. In some locations a great public infrastructure was developed by Manavgat Municipality, in other places, various restaurants offering sunbeds and parasols were put in place. When you buy a real estate in Side Turkey, you will realize that your home is located just in heart of holiday resort.

For many years, Side have been under dynamic development which encouraged many foreign nationals to make an ideal investment in Turkey and buy a property here. Besides leisure attractions, there also are many shops and groceries as well as schools, kindergartens, banks, hospitals, medical points. In a word, all city features are just at your fingertips.

Real estate buyers in Side Turkey have a various options of properties to buy in Side Turkey.

The available property types in Side are apartments and villas distributed quite very evenly. TherSide Town seen from seasidee are a number of apartments for sale in Side in some gated communities, both in Side centrum and nearby locations like Çolaklı, Ilıca and Evrenseki. Most apartments are built in residential complexes offering great social and security facilities. There is a number of villas in Side for sale, basically located near to the beach facilities. Most of the time, villas are part of luxury properties with unique features like swimming pools, gym, spacious gardens and others. Whatever you choose as your home in Side Turkey, all properties provide a high standard living in spacious and comfortable environment.

Even if it is not very easy to find land for sale in Side, especially in central Side, the other areas such as Ilıca, Çolaklı and Evrenseki offers a number of lands for sale at competitive prices.

Choose a from villas with private gardens, apartments in residential complex offering swimming pools and other modern facilities concepts as well as holiday homes with rental income potential. The prices for luxury properties in Side Turkey for sale are comparatively much lower than prices in European countries and moreover, they have high income potential.

Among the real estate agents in Side Turkey, TERRA Real Estate offers a professional advice in terms of location and administrative procedures. We help you to obtaining the title deed, tax number or residence permit.

Side is nowadays very magnetic to real estate buyers therefore the investment potential is increasing very rapidly. On the one hand, as an owner of Turkish property in Side you will you enjoy the peaceful environment in proximity to all necessary amenities. On the other hand, most of residential complexes for sale in Side Turkey offer great security facilities with cameras and security officer on duty. As well as a gardener who looks after the garden inside the complex. If you think about buying a private property for sale in Side Turkey, this option is a strong advantage. Moreover, most of residential complexes offer amazing facilities concepts suitable for family with children. Outdoor or indoor playgrounds, shallow kid’s swimming pools, sandboxes in spacious gardens are the most attractive features for families among the properties for sale in Side TurkeyKumköy Beaches.

Furthermore, the transportation infrastructure is continuously improving which considerably improves the quality of life in this area. Thanks to these developments, the population of the region is increasing which stimulates the expansion of real estate market and there are more opportunities to buy a real estate in Side Turkey. As a small town, the public transport in Side provides great facilities to reach any town or city in Antalya region. Manavgat Municipality is only 10 minutes away, Antalya and Alanya are only 1 hour and Antalya airport is 50 minutes away from Side. As tourism industry is one of the biggest Turkish government priorities, there are also new and ongoing projects that will increase the investment potential within next years. The Municipality of Manavgat has developed infrastructure of Manavgat Waterfalls, Manavgat city center, in addition government is continuously investing in modernization of roads and sidewalks in Side. The bike road has been made from Sorgun to Side and passes around the astonishing Sorgun forest. The whole area has an amazing landscape, everywhere green flowery scenery with plants changing every season.

Imagine your real estate in Side Turkey in heart of green landscape the whole year round.Side Town and the ancient Roman Theater

As a real estate investor buyer, you will be attracted also by the mountainous part of this region. Side is situated only 30 km from Oymapınar National Park, ideal place for a trip or family picnic. Moreover, the daily life in Side will provide you with endless opportunities. Take a boat trip in Green Canyon, rafting in Köprülü Kanyon, bike ride in Oymapınar, trip to Manavgat Waterfalls and many more. If you are interested by buying a real estate in Side Turkey, this region will become for you a perfect holiday home for you and your family.

Imagine you enjoy the sunshine almost the whole year round.

Your home in Side Turkey will be located in region where your well-being and happiness, positive thinking as well as your health will become beyond your expectations. Millions of tourists are affected by the Mediterranean Sea impact on their health and well-being. June, July and August are the hottest and driest months in the year, winter time can by raining with daily temperature round 10-12 degrees. Properties to buy in Side Turkey give an irresistible opportunity to regain a peace and quality life.

If you are interested by buying a property in Side Turkey TERRA Real Estate offers free property viewing tours. You may choose the best option depending on your vision and needs. Our experienced team will assist you throughout the whole process while purchasing a home in Side Turkey.

Who buys Real Estate in Side?

All nationalities can buy property in Turkey (Except of North Korea, Armenia, Nigeria, Cuba, Yemen and Syria). Please find detailed information at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Holiday makers, villa lovers, second home seekers, retired people, investors and everybody who likes sun, warm water, beach and food want to buy real estate in Side Turkey.

British, Irish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Russian (and CIS) buyers are the main real estate buyers in Side.

How to Buy a Property in Side?

Even the idea of buying a property abroad is difficult and challenging for everybody. Because it is not easy to spend your savings in another country. However, it is actually a very easy process to buy property in Turkey. If you made your decision and if you find a good and reliable local real estate company.

TERRA Real Estate will be happy to help you find the best property deals in Side and do the legal paper works, follow up the procedures free of charge.

Our new website makes the search for real estate in Turkey easier for you. TERRA Real Estate have already made hundreds of people a home-owner since 2004.

TERRA Real Estate 

TERRA Real Estate specialize in the representation of Out-of-Region Buyers and Foreign Nationals in the buying and selling property in Turkey. If you're looking into the possibility of owning a property in Turkey, then you owe it to yourself to work with a professional, ethical and trusted company.

If you buy real estate in Side, you will be amazed of the Mediterranean quality lifestyle. Regardless of where you prefer to buy property in Side, it will always amaze you. There are several nice locations to choose for real estate in Side for sale. All you should do is choose where in Side to buy real estate that suits you, your budget, your family and your lifestyle.

When you have decided to buy property in Side Turkey, make sure that you have a reputed estate agency with good references and experience. TERRA Real Estate is committed business member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and is regulated by the Property Ombudsman.

As one of the pioneers in the Turkish Real Estate Market, we are confident that our wide real estate portfolio continuously offers unique opportunities. We do not only offer homes for sale in Side but also offer affordable luxury houses in Side.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you need a buy real estate in Side Alanya or regarding any matter related to the real estate market in Turkey.

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