The Reasons to Buy Seafront Property in Alanya

The Reasons to Buy Seafront Property in Alanya

In this article, we will give you some ideas about what are the advantages of having waterside property. We will try to explain the pros of waterfront living, and mention some of the reasons for investing in beachfront real estate? Especially why buy a flat close to the beach in such a lovely location as Alanya?

Alanya is a very splendid touristic city located by the side of the Mediterranean coast and by the skirts of the Taurus Mountains. Every year, this marvelous city gains more and more people who get in love with it from first sight. The mild climate, warm winters, and endless sunshine are only some of the reasons that Alanya is also so popular as long term living and retirement destinations for people from all around the world. 

Also, Alanya has its own group of visitants who come every single year there to enjoy their holiday and relax from the urban lifestyle on one of the local beaches. There are several reasons for this such as a variety of choice Turkish foods, the nightlife of the city which makes it so alive and loads of fun and pleasant activities to do and lots of tourist places to visit. But still the beaches…

Are you also one of those who insist on staying on the beach-side during their vacations? Or maybe you always dreamed of having a waterfront home? Well if yes, then buying seafront real estate in Alanya would be the best option for you. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to wake up with the sound of the waves, drinking your morning coffee on a sea view terrace, and enjoy the endless view and Mediterranean lifestyle?

Why buy a beachfront apartment?

  1. Fresh and healthy air. In the time of bad and harmful air that we are forced to inhale in most of the big cities, fresh and healthy air is a luxury. When you’ll buy a seafront apartment in Alanya, this won’t be a problem. Fresh and healthy air with sea breeze with a dose of iodine will do good.
  2. Easy access to the beach. The beachfront homes in Alanya have comfortable access to the shore, which is the main advantage of these kinds of apartments. Imagine yourself waking up near a beach with a magnificent relaxing view of the sea, who does not want to feel that nice feeling?
  3. High investment potential. By choosing a waterside location, you have to know, that your flat gets a higher potential of rental income and general value than the other let’s say regular properties on the real estate market. This fact is worth considering when you buy a property in Turkey. You may have a serious prospect when you will later decide to sell your waterfront property.
  4. Uninterrupted sea view. In the matter of the seafront constructions, there is no risk that there will be any other building made in the front of it, so you will always have with your guaranteed Seaview. 
  5. Possibility to use a unique privilege of a private beach. There are luxury seafront developments that give their residents an opportunity to enjoy the private beach space with sun loungers, an umbrellas beach bar, or even a beach club on a separate territory. Sounds great, isn’t it?
  6. Get tuned to the beach vibes but still stay in the city center. Some of Alanya’s beaches have a unique advantage of central location. You can enjoy your seaside apartment still having a walking distance to the city, shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Selection of the local beaches in Alanya:

  • Cleopatra Beach: known as one of the most popular beaches in Turkey. Soft sand with crystal clear water will surely amaze you. Due to the variety of facilities, this beach offers to you many buffers with umbrellas and loungers and lots of delicious foods and drinks, water sports or even paragliding opportunities. With walking distance to the city center.
  • Aladdin Keykubat Beach: is situated in the Alanya center on the east side of the peninsula. It is a nice sandy beach lined by walking paths with open-air fitness centers, children’s parks, and sports facilities. Also very popular and loved by the locals. It is close to the city center with all of its attractions. You can enjoy the city center and the beach at the same time.
  • Mahmutlar Alanya Beach: a 5 kilometers long beach, approximately 20 minutes-drive distance from the Alanya center. It has seen an impressive rise in investors during the past ten years and many prefer to invest their money in the properties here. 
  • Portakal beach: situated on the west of central Alanya, overlooked by its backdrop to the slopes of the Taurus Mountains. It owns the Blue Flag status, like other beaches around Alanya, on record of its crystal clear water and rich nature. Windsurfing is available in addition to the usual water sports here.
  • Incekum Beach: it is just by the Avsallar Town that is on the 26th km of road between Alanya and Antalya. It has an essential point for Alanya because of consisting both the sea and forest. It is a very charming place for its clear sea, fine sand, and cozy picnic areas.

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