Where to Buy Real Estate in Mersin, Turkey?

Overview of Mersin and the Real Estate Sector

Overview of Mersin and the Real Estate Sector

Mersin is one of the most significant coastal cities of Turkey with its 321 km coastline and 108 km natural beaches. The city has a great historical value due to the presence of the Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Macedonian, and Ottoman civilizations, along with their ruins, artifacts, and ancient cities. In addition to its geographical location and historical importance, Mersin's economy is shaped by three different sectors: maritime trade, industry, and agriculture.

Mersin port is one of Turkey's largest and most important maritime trade ports. The backbone of Mersin's economy, the port is one of Turkey's entry points to the international economy. The import and export of industries and trade businesses in Eastern Anatolia, the Western Mediterranean, and Central Anatolia can be exhibited through Mersin as a trait that supports the significance of the city's marine trade.

Agriculture and industry in Mersin are two important economic factors that support each other. With its rich agricultural area, Mersin is one of Turkey's most significant agricultural regions. Furthermore, the growth of the agricultural-based sector has made Mersin the country's second-largest free industrial zone.

In addition to all these economic, geographical, and historical features, Mersin is also home to a university with 22 faculties, advanced hospitals, and polyclinics. Considering all these factors, Mersin has strong tourist and investor traffic and its commercial aspects give Mersin a significant potential for real estate investment.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Real Estate in Mersin?

There are various properties in Mersin that can be evaluated according to everyone's needs and purposes. Some of the selected areas to buy a property or invest in Mersin are:

  • For those who want to benefit from all the opportunities of the city: Mezitli

Mezitli is one of the 4 major central districts of Mersin, which offers inner city living to its residents with its advanced social infrastructure and everyday amenities. In addition to this, it has a touristic feature as well as carrying historical value with the ancient city and port of Soli-Pompeiopolis within its borders. Mezitli district, which offers opulent living to its residents in every sense, is home to numerous residential complexes with pure luxury and various apartments and commercial properties with high investment potential as a result of being one of the central districts of Mersin.

  • A region with high rental income and return on investment: Yenişehir 

Yenişehir region has many important opportunities that provide high human traffic. A university with 22 faculties, advanced hospitals and medical centers, social facilities, and private colleges are among them. As a consequence of this, Yenişehir offers a wide range of services to its citizens and investors, including those related to health, education, entertainment, and leisure. When all these features are collected, you can find various apartments for sale in Yenişehir, Mersin with high rental incomes. Due to their convenient location, commercial properties for sale in this area with multiple functions provide excellent investment potential to its investors. There is also the famous Mersin Marina within the borders of Yenişehir. You can find many seafront villas for sale in this region of Yenişehir.

  • Regions of sea view complexes with 5-star hotel concept: Tece and Erdemli

Tece and Erdemli regions have the most beautiful beaches in Mersin. Due to that reason these two regions are the most desired ones amongst vacationers. Of course, not only tourists but also many people are drawn to these two areas for their joyful sea view and easy access to the beach. As a result, there are many endearing sea view apartments for sale in both Tece and Erdemli.

  • Prime location for commercial properties: Akdeniz

Akdeniz, one of the central regions of Mersin, is home to many businesses. Mersin port, which is one of the most important economic resources of Mersin, is located in this region. Due to that characteristic of the region, you can find various commercial properties for sale in Akdeniz, Mersin with high investment potential.

Buy a Property in Mersin with TERRA Real Estate ®

Buy a Property in Mersin with TERRA Real Estate ®

Since Mersin is a large coastal city, it can be difficult for you to compare regions with various features when choosing your ideal property. Or, you might use the guidance of a knowledgeable real estate agent to make more secure decisions about the best neighborhood and type of property for your upcoming investment needs.

As TERRA Real Estate ®, we provide the best service you need with our real estate agents who speak more than 10 different languages and our experience in the sector since 2004. When you decide to buy property in Mersin, we will be glad to help you in finding the best property and complete the purchasing process in an easy, reliable, and trouble-free manner.

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