Viewing Trip to North Cyprus

Property Inspection Trip to North Cyprus 

If you are reading this, it means you are already seriously considering buying a property in North Cyprus. What comes next is easy and simple as long as you are working with a trustable real estate agency with years of professional experience. Get ready, property viewing tour to North Cyprus with TERRA Real Estate is an exciting experience to embark upon. 

Property Viewing Tour to Northern Cyprus

Why Do We Recommend Having a Property Viewing Tour in North Cyprus?

Before making your mind on which property you want to purchase, there are many details you need to know and check yourself that might alter your decision. When visiting the properties, you will get a better idea of certain details such as the area in which the property for sale is located, the quality of the property as well as the facilities offered, and distances to main amenities.

North Cyprus property inspection trip is essentially important for real estate investors. Visiting the sites and learning in-depth about whether the area you have chosen matches your property in Cyprus investment plan is as important as selecting your property.

How Does Northern Cyprus Property Viewing Tour Work?

If it is your first time visiting Northern Cyprus, you will especially benefit from this tour as we arrange everything making this inspection trip as comfortable and mind-setting as possible for finding your perfect new apartment or villa for sale. 

  • Flight & Airport Transfer

In TERRA Real Estate we gladly arrange your flight ticket and airport transfer. We respect the client's preferences, so if you would rather plan this by yourself, please let us know your arrival date so we can arrange property viewings ahead. 

  • Accommodation

After arriving, we will pick you up from the airport and drop you at one of our high-standard apartments or hotels offering the best accommodation to ensure your comfort during your stay.

  • Real Estate Viewing

After we pick you up from your accommodation, we head to our office to clarify which properties are suitable for viewing according to your priorities and needs. After that, we offer you a guideline for buying properties in North Cyprus so you get a clear idea of the sales process. 

Before going for property inspection, we provide you with a viewing trip package containing all price lists, pictures and floor plans of the intended properties to visit. 

When visiting the properties, feel free to ask us or the project developer on-site any details that would help you make your final decision. 

Want to Review the Properties?

We understand how taking the final decision on which property to buy can be tempting; therefore, reviewing properties is always possible. Remember, we are here to help you chose your perfect home so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns with us.

Take your time to think at this stage and benefit from your agents' advice and experience in the real estate market.

An important tip from us is to book everything ahead to get the best deals on flight tickets and for us to arrange a suitable house viewing trip for North Cyprus real estate for sale.

Another important tip is to have your priorities set up. It's essential that when you visit properties you have in mind what comes first to you. There are many properties and houses for sale in North Cyprus, so to keep you from any confusion, discussing your priorities with your real estate agent is quite handy before and during the tour. 

Viewing Tour Price Estimation:Ercan Airport of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

  • From the United Kingdom £ 250 per person includes:

Tickets, 4 Star Half Board Hotel or Apartment for 3 nights (max 2 person). Departure from London and other major UK airports.

  • From Sweden 2500 SEK per person includes:

Tickets, 4 Star Half Board Hotel or Apartment for 3 nights (max 2 person). Departure from Arlanda, Landvetter or Kastrup.

  • From Norway 2500 NOK per person includes:

Tickets, 4 Star Half Board Hotel or Apartment for 3 nights (max 2 person). Departure from Gardemoen or Rygge.

  • From Denmark 1900 DKK per person includes:

Tickets, 4 Star Half Board Hotel or Apartments for 3 nights (max 2 person). Departure from Kastrup.

  • From Finland € 250 per person includes:

Tickets, 4 Star Half Board Hotel or Apartment for 3 nights (max 2 person). Departure from Helsinki.

  • The Rest of Europe € 250 per person includes:

Tickets, 4 Star Half Board Hotel or Apartment for 3 nights (max 2 person).

Viewing Program

  • Day 1

We pick you from the airport and transport you to your hotel for check-in then we continue with dinner plans. 

  • Day 2

After having breakfast at the hotel, we pick you up for our official visit to discuss properties. We then start viewings with lunch breaks during the program and continue depending on the properties you want to see. Later, we drop you back at the hotel.

  • Day 3

After having breakfast, we revisit properties you are interested the most in. After lunch, we then discuss all sales details and how to proceed further for contract signing. Then we drop you back at the hotel. 

  • Day 4

We arrange your transport from your hotel to the airport.

What More Do We Offer?

If you still want to look for other properties for sale in Northern Cyprus, we highly recommend you also check our villas for sale in North Cyprus and other options such as high rental properties, investment properties, and properties with a payment plan. Not only that, but due to our constant website updates, new and exclusive opportunities are added daily most of which are seafront properties for sale in North Cyprus.

Are you interested in booking a viewing trip with us?

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