Cheapest Regions to Live and Buy a Property in Istanbul

Overview of the Real Estate Market in Istanbul

Overview of the Real Estate Market in Istanbul

Istanbul stands as an attractive hub for real estate investments, primarily due to its unique position between Europe and Asia. This strategic location enhances its appeal in terms of transportation facilities, tourism, entertainment options, and convention tourism, making it ripe with real estate opportunities. 

Real estate in Istanbul is pricier than in other Turkish cities, as a result of the scarcity of available development land in Istanbul's city center, making residential developers make a strategic shift towards the outskirts of the city, where large-scale projects are becoming increasingly common. This trend aims to meet the growing demand for residential spaces.

With the rate of price increase surpassing the national average, there are enough cheap Istanbul property offers in the market. The prices are influenced by several factors including the location, the type of the property, and the proximity to transportation options like the metro, Metrobus, and Marmaray trains. The average annual return from long-term rentals may reach 4%, as high-quality new properties are highly liquid. However, the main portion of profit comes primarily from the increase in property values, rather than from rental income.

Affordable Neighborhoods on the European Side of Istanbul


Esenyurt is recognized as the most budget-friendly area in Istanbul, located between the districts of Küçükçekmece and Büyükçekmece on the European side of the city. Its inland position results in lower housing prices, making it an attractive option for those seeking affordable housing in Istanbul. The area is currently a hotspot for residential construction, offering a broad spectrum of options for budget-conscious city dwellers.

Increasingly popular for real estate investment, Esenyurt's property values have been on the rise, driven by recent infrastructure projects and new transportation links. Particularly in the last few years, with a surge in the construction of large residential complexes, areas near the E-5 highway have become highly sought after.

Esenyurt, Turkey


Küçükçekmece stands out in Istanbul for its exceptional transportation links, a wide array of shopping options, business centers, and cultural landmarks. These attributes contribute to the district's high-status appeal, making it a desirable location for both investors and new residents seeking quality of life and convenience.

Neighboring more densely populated areas such as Esenyurt, Başakşehir, Bakırköy, and Bahçelievler, which have seen real estate prices climb, Küçükçekmece offers a more accessible entry point into the Istanbul property market. With greater potential for development and more available space, properties in Küçükçekmece can be acquired at a lower cost compared to these surrounding districts. This affordability, combined with the district's infrastructure and potential for growth, positions Küçükçekmece as an attractive investment hub and residential choice.

Küçükçekmece, Istanbul


Bağcılar is recognized for its rapid urbanization and strategic location. The area is experiencing significant growth, with new transportation projects enhancing its appeal and increasing property values. 

Bağcılar houses commercial centers like Istoc, Oto Center, Tekstilkent, and Massit, alongside various prestigious press centers and banking units. Transportation in Bağcılar is highly developed, featuring an extensive network that includes the subway, tramway, Metrobus, and public buses, ensuring efficient connectivity across Istanbul. The district's strategic location close to major highways, TEM, and E-5, further facilitates easy access throughout the city.

Bağcılar, Istanbul


Beylikdüzü serves as a prime example of Istanbul's transformation for the better, where every detail is thoughtfully planned to enhance social, business, and private life. In recent years, the district's population has surged, and the prices for residential and commercial property have increased, attracting investors from around the globe. Currently, it is still possible to purchase bargain property in Beylikdüzü at relatively affordable prices. 

Beylikdüzü is filled with beautiful, newly constructed residential complexes that provide profit for their owners due to the continuous increase in value and popularity for both long-term and short-term rentals. This demand is supported by the district's convenient location and well-developed infrastructure, featuring shopping centers and hospitals.

Beylikdüzü, Istanbul

Affordable Neighborhoods on the Asian Side of Istanbul


Sultanbeyli draws interest from local and foreign investors and is known for its affordable housing options. The district is well-connected to the rest of Istanbul, offering easy access to transportation networks including the E80-TEM highway and metro lines. Sultanbeyli is also rich in cultural and recreational spots, including Aydos Forest and modern shopping malls.

Investors and homebuyers are attracted to Sultanbeyli for its potential for growth, driven by urbanization trends and government initiatives aimed at improving local infrastructure. The real estate market here promises value, with property prices remaining lower than many of Istanbul's more established districts.

Sultanbeyli, Istanbul


Pendik is another Istanbul’s district with a rapidly growing real estate market. The area is undergoing significant development, which attracts both foreign and local investors, with the promise of appreciating property values. The availability of properties with communal amenities makes it a family-friendly choice​

Pendik's seaside location, enhanced by the presence of Sabiha Gökçen Airport and improved connectivity through the extension of the Kadikoy-Kartal metro and Marmaray train lines, adds to its appeal. This development has contributed to the area's infrastructure, making it more accessible and increasing its attractiveness to investors.

Pendik, Istanbul


The district of Kartal is situated on Istanbul's Asian side along the Marmara Sea and has become a prime location for real estate investment. The transportation network here is rich and diverse, including metro stations and proximity to the E-5 highway. This connectivity, coupled with Kartal's range of amenities like shopping centers, health facilities, and educational institutions, makes it an attractive choice for those looking to invest in or relocate to Istanbul.

Real estate options in Kartal are varied, with prices reflecting the wide range of properties available. While luxury apartments offering views of the Princes Islands and the Marmara Sea are pricey, homes nestled next to green spaces are more budget-friendly​​.

Kartal, Istanbul


The Sancaktepe district is gaining popularity for its access to major transportation links, including proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, the TEM motorway, and the TEM-Kartal connection roads. Its position as one of the exit points of the Anatolian side of the North Marmara Motorway makes it a hotspot for investment, anticipating a rise in both residential and commercial real estate sales.

The area is characterized by its rapid demographic development, transforming from old neighborhoods to modern residential and government service projects. This transformation is particularly evident near the forest area, creating a natural living environment with urban conveniences. Affordable apartments in Sancaktepe add to the area’s significant potential for growth and development.

Sancaktepe, Istanbul

Amenities, Facilities, and Transportation in these Neighborhoods

The fast-paced development of these districts has resulted in a simultaneous launch of new infrastructure facilities with the construction of residential buildings. Public transportation, including train lines and buses, is well-developed in the districts with the cheapest properties in Istanbul, but areas of Sultanbeyli, Beylikdüzü, and Esenyurt are not yet served by the metro.

Kartal and Küçükçekmece are considered one of the best for families because of their clean environment and comprehensive infrastructure. Although they have industrial sites, they're not spread throughout the entire area.

Sultanbeyli, Sancaktepe, and Beylikdüzü boast many green spaces, including landscaped gardens and natural areas, making it a great place for fresh air and outdoor activities. Having a very developed infrastructure, these areas offer plenty of amenities and tourist attractions, which also means higher investment potential. Other areas, such as Esenyurt and Bağcılar might lack some recreational facilities, but overall, the districts provide a good living environment. 

Up-and-Coming Istanbul Regions with Growth Potential


Ataşehir, located between Kadıköy and Ümraniye in the Asian part of Istanbul, is rapidly developing as a business hub, especially with the introduction of the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC). The IFC, anticipated to be a medium-term global financial hub, promises to boost the residential real estate market significantly. 

Ataşehir is distinguished by high-rise residential construction, extensive amenities, and a high standard of living, evidenced by its recreational, educational, and shopping facilities. As Ataşehir continues to grow, it represents a promising investment opportunity, attracting a diverse demographic of employees, students, and families seeking to capitalize on the district's development and financial opportunities.

Ataşehir, Istanbul


Arnavutköy is becoming an increasingly valuable area, offering significant advantages for investment. Thanks to a new urban development plan, it stands as one of the most suitable areas for mass housing projects, promising a surge of new developments in the region. Its direct connection to the Northern Marmara Motorway significantly eases transportation within the area, enhancing its appeal. Additionally, the proximity to Istanbul Airport further elevates Arnavutköy's status as a promising investment location, making it a noteworthy option for those looking to invest in Istanbul's real estate market. With these strategic advantages, Arnavutköy is not just a developing district but a key area for future growth and investment opportunities, blending accessibility with the potential for appreciation in value.

Arnavutköy, Istanbul


Located on the city's outskirts and spared from rampant settlements, Silivri has largely remained tranquil, visited by crowds mainly during certain times of the year. In recent years, however, Silivri has begun to undergo significant changes. Rising land costs and the influx of foreign investors are pushing up real estate prices in the area. Large-scale infrastructure projects, investments in education and health, and planned transportation developments, such as tram and metro lines, position Silivri as a promising hub for tourism, logistics, and commerce. Still, the district remains one of the most affordable areas in Istanbul in terms of land costs, increasing investor interest in cheap properties in Istanbul.

Silivri, Istanbul


Tuzla is a rapidly developing area, known for its industrial zones, one of Turkey's largest shipyards, and soon-to-be enhanced by metro line expansions. The opening of Viaport Marina, a new landmark including shopping and entertainment options and the first maritime hotel, has changed the district’s profile. 

The area’s growth continues to drive property demand in the area. Tuzla is currently the new favorite of leading investors in the real estate sector, with several major infrastructure projects. Leveraging its geographical advantages, the area will soon become the new go-to for those wanting to be close to seaside life while living in Istanbul.

Tuzla, Istanbul

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