Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment Increased to 400.000 $

According to the decision published in the Turkish Official Gazette on 13/05/2022, the minimum real estate purchase limit changed from $ 250,000 to $ 400,000 or any foreigners who have agreed to buy a property worth at least $400,000 from a notary public can apply for Turkish citizens directly.

As another option, foreigners who are determined to have invested at least $500,000 or equivalent in foreign currency in the private pension system can acquire Turkish citizenship as long as they are held in funds designated by the Insurance, Private Pension Regulation, and Supervision Agency and remain in the system for three years.

According to the article, the new regulation will be valid after 13/06/2022. Before that date, the former law that states the minimum real estate purchase limit as $250,000 for acquiring Turkish citizenship will hold its effect.

People who are planning to have a Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate should be aware that ‘’When applying for Turkish citizenship, the land register must be informed that the purchased property cannot be transferred to another person for a period of 3 years’’

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* Source: T.C. Official Gazette published on 13/05/2022