Turkish Airlines Connecting Antalya Airport to the World

Turkish Airlines Connecting Antalya Airport to the World

16 World Top Direct Flights From Antalya Airport

One of the biggest airline companies of the world will ensure direct flights from Antalya Airport to 16 world top destinations. Turkish Airlines as a leader of Turkish carriers announced that European countries as well as Middle East will be connected with Antalya by direct flights.

This great news is much important not only for tourists but also for foreign residents as well as real estate buyers and investors. Antalya city hosts around 60.000 foreigners and considering the popularity of the destination among foreign nationals, this number is estimated to increase considerably within few years. Additionally, the other destinations such as Kemer, Manavgat and Alanya are gaining much value abroad. Alanya city hosts already over 20.000 foreign nationals from the whole world.

Turkish Airlines aims to start most of international flights in March 2019. Direct flights from Antalya to European countries will be provided as follows:

  • London (from 31st of March 2019 till 26th of October 2019, scheduled every day)
  • Munich (from 31st of March 2019 till 24th of October 2019, on Thursdays and Sundays)
  • Düsseldorf (from 31st of March 2019 till 26th of October 2019, scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Stuttgart (from 31st of March 2019 till 26th of October 2019, scheduled on Tuesdays and Sundays)
  • Stockholm (from 6th of July till 26th of October, flights on Fridays)
  • Berlin (from 2nd of April 2019 till 26th of October, flights will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)

The flights to Russia will include two destinations Moscow and St. Petersburg. Flights Antalya-Moscow and Antalya – St. Petersburg will be provided every day from 31st of March 2019 till 26th of October 2019.

There is also a number of important connections with Middle East. Turkish Airlines will provide flights to Jordan, from June till October it will be possible to flight directly from Antalya to Amman. Moreover, connections from Antalya to Saudi Arabia, flights to Jeddah will be provided from April till October on every Tuesday and Sunday. The schedule will include also direct flights from Antalya to Kuwait beginning in May and continues till September 2019.

In April Turkish Airlines plans to provide direct flights with Antalya- Baku, Antalya – Beirut, Antalya – Baghdad and Antalya - Tel Aviv.

Great news also for travelling to and from Algeria, flights from Antalya to Algiers will be also provided from 26th of June till 8th of September, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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