Elite Houses as an Investment Object

Elite Houses as an Investment Object

Elite Houses as an Investment Object

Elite or luxury real estate are houses and apartments located in the best areas with rich infrastructure, with a gated territory, security, expensive interior, decoration and furniture. 

To buy luxury property is not only a solution to the housing issue, but also a good investment in the future. Luxury property is not going cheaper many years. So, if you buy an elite apartment or villa today you will be able to sell it later with the same price, but generally more expensive.

Ways to Invest in Luxury Real Estate:

  1. Buy an apartment in the early stages of construction. You can increase your capital well. The main thing is to choose a reliable developer. TERRA Real Estate® will help you with this always. Real estate rises in price as the house is ready for commissioning. Buy apartments with big discounts and sell them after a while at a much higher price.
  2. Buy luxury villas. You can buy a villa in Turkey and make good money by renting it out, or selling it after a while. But this type of investment is rather risky. It is important to study the market well and purchase a villa in a region that is actively developing. TERRA Real Estate® will help you understand this issue.
  3. Buying property abroad. This is the most difficult type of investment. It requires not only a detailed study of the real estate market of a particular country. It is also necessary to know the norms of the laws of the given state. TERRA Real Estate will also help you in this matter, since we are selling real estate in North Cyprus, Spain and the USA.

 What are the benefits of investing in expensive real estate?

Luxury apartments and houses are getting more expensive all the time. Long-term investment will be the most profitable in this case. According to many experts, turbulent times will pass in 7-10 years, and luxury real estate will become even more expensive during this time.

By giving real estate for rent, you can receive a constant high income. Renting a home office in turkey or a luxury apartment is not cheap. Moreover, you can rent out the property for some time and sell it after a few years, having received a double benefit.

Owning expensive real estate is an opportunity for a large bank loan. As a rule, banks will often approve a loan equal to half the value of the apartment, villa or commercial real estate that you own.

 When you are investing in luxury real estate, it is important to remember that not every property is profitable. There are several factors to consider in order not to lose money. First of all, it is the reliability of the developer and a good area of the city or suburb. And, of course, you need to buy real estate for investment at costs that are not higher than market prices. This question will be very easy to resolve with TERRA Real Estate’s professional team. We will help you to make the best and profitable investment in your life!

TERRA Real Estate, The Real Estate Expert in Turkey

Regardless of where you prefer to buy a property in Turkey, the beauty of the country will always amaze you. Just choose where to buy real estate in Turkey in coherence to your budget, your lifestyle, and expectations.European Property Awards

When you have decided to buy real estate in Turkey, make sure that you have a reputed estate agency with good references and experience. TERRA Real Estate is a committed business member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and is regulated by the Property Ombudsman.

As one of the pioneers in the Turkish Real Estate Market, we are confident that our wide real estate portfolio continuously offers unique opportunities. We do not only offer homes for sale in Turkey but also offer affordable luxury apartments in Turkey.

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